Option X is missing - Can I get it?

Email us, and we'll let you know.


Ear impressions - how to and instructions

We've detailed some basic instructions here:

Frogbeats CIEM impression instructions

For further instructions and details we'd like to direct you here: Audiology online - Earmolds and more

We're working on improving our instructions, so please bare with us.

Another CIEM company, why?

Good question, Why not?

Actually, that's a poor answer, let us elaborate:

Frogbeats has now started making CIEMs because we feel that in the UK and European market there should be more on well priced Custom In-Ear Monitors. We all know that in the UK the brands have a much higher premium than their competitors in US/Asia, and we've wanted to change that. Frogbeats Customs aims to supply CIEMs that the same build quality as the best of the best, yet keeps the prices competitive.

We also feel there's a need for perfect customer service and communication, and with our proven grack record of great customer service and shipping, we feel we can offer a better experience for those people looking for CIEMs.

Why your CIEMs and not XX's?

Well that's a matter of opinion really. We feel that we've been able to deliver on all aspects of our customs, and that build qualit, sound quality and looks are all fantastic. Naturally you'll want to read some reviews... So here's one for thought:

REVIEW: The Frogbeats C4... an explosively good custom in ear monitor

Build time

Approximate build time right now is 6 weeks. No less, and that does not include shipping times to and from us.

Remolds for universal products

At this time we do not offer remolds for any universal product as we are concentranting on the customs aspect. This may be offered in the future.

Refund & return policy

As this is a custom product uniquely fitted to your ear, we cannot offer any sort of refund or return policy on the Customs. We will of course offer a free refit within 30 days of receiving the product - this excludes shipping costs which will incur a £38 charge.


We strive to make the shipping process as easy as possible, which is why we will be shipping everything via DHL Worldwide Express and ensuring the products are insured. The shipping takes approximately 2-4 days.

What about sending my impressions?

We know there have always been issues shipping impressions to the company, so we have come up with a method that will hopefully fix that for you:

For a small extra fee (£35), we will allow the customer to send their impressions via our DHL account, so they arrive within 2 days of sending and don't get lost along the way. Due to the small size of the impressions, this extra fee will not be much, and will ensure your impressions get to us safe and sound.

What are your customs made of?

Hard, hypoallergenc, acryllic plastic. The best, of course.

Do you offer recessed sockets?

No we do not. Only non-recessed sockets will be available on the CIEMs.

Customisation options

Please see our individual customs pages to get an idea of what is offered.

Color discrepancies

Colors are recreated on an individual basis, so the colors on the site are purely for representational purposes, and the likelyhood is that yours will be slightly different from the photographed one. Unfortunately we can't guarantee any color to the exact specification, but we can certainly try and get it to match closely. No two CIEMs are identical on any batch.

Do you offer clear shells?

We do, but they are not on the order options. They are an additional shell colour option that will cost extra. Please note that Lucky Strike is not a clear shell.